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frequently asked questions

  1. Question: Can I cut the body tape/support straps?

    Answer: Yes you can cut the body tape and support straps with sharp scissors.

  2. Question: Do I need to make sure I do not have lotions or oils on the area I am wearing the body tape?

    Answer: Correct. Your skin needs to be clean, without any lotions or oils on your body where you will be wearing the tape.

  3. Question: Can I use this tape on any part of my body?

    Answer: This is a tape for the skin, so yes, you can place this on top of your skin anywhere on your body, if you are not allergic to silicone.

  4. Question: How many times can I wear this product?

    Answer: This is a one-time use product. It may still work if you mess up and need to place the same tape piece somewhere else on the body, though it may not stay as long. It is made as a one-time use product.

  5. Is the product sweat-proof?

    Answer: Yes!

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